Setup Windows With No Microsoft Account

Since Windows 8 Microsoft has preferred that you login to Windows using a Microsoft account. Being old-school and, I don’t use many Microsoft products, I would rather login using a local account, an account that just pertains to the computer. Setting up a local account in Windows 10and 11 on first boot can be problematic….

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re like me and you like to keep your hands on or near the keyboard, instead of reaching for the mouse every 5 second, you could use a keyboard shortcut. Using shortcuts can make your workflow easier and faster. These shortcuts (also call hotkeys) are specific to Windows 10 and 11. There are many…

Windows 11 Released

Windows 11 was release to the public on October 5th, Microsoft however will not pushing people to upgrade. I think they learned a lesson from the sloppy Windows 10 rollout. I think at some point every PC will get a prompt that it is available for upgrade, or at least the ones with compatible hardware….

Install Windows 11 On Any Computer

Windows 11 has very restrictive hardware requirements . These requitements are not really necessary for best performance but to encourage the use of new security features on newer hardware. As I demonstrated back in July, Windows 11 runs great on older hardware. This demonstration is done using the Windows 11 Insider build. You must be…

Windows App Installer

Windows 11 has a native software manager called  Windows App Installer or winget. Just like in Linux you can install applications directly from the Command Prompt. No need find the correct website, find the download link, download the app, maybe extract the package from a zip-file and then run the installer. Just run a simple…

New Features In Windows 11

There are many new features in Windows 11, the most noticeable of these is: The Start Button and Start Menu is aligned to the center. They did this of course to accommodate tablets and maybe make it look like a Mac a little. Round corner on everything. Now we are definitely seeing some Mac envy….

Windows 11, Can You Upgrade?

Windows 11 will be new PCs this fall, just in time for Christmas gift giving. It will also be available for upgrade for computers with compatible hardware. It will require a minimum CPU of 1 gigahertz, 64 gigabytes of storage, and a minimum of 4 gigabytes of RAM. In the computing game more is always…

Windows 11 Is For Real

Windows 11 is really happening! Microsoft had a event on June 24th announcing it. There are some new features but mostly it is Windows 10 with a new look. Windows 11 promises better performance witch is always welcome. The Windows 11 Upgrade will be available this Fall. Free upgrade for Windows 10 users. I haven’t…

All About Task Manager

You may have opened the “Task Manager” from time to time to stop an application that has crashed or watch the “Process Monitor”, but the task Manager does many wonderful thing that you may not know about… Usually you start the Task Manager by doing “control, alt, delete (or del) on the keyboard and clicking…

Windows 7 To End January 2020

Microsoft has announced that the very popular Windows 7 will have its support ended around January 13th of next year. So you have one year to figure out if you are going to upgrade or better move to Linux.