Google Maps Tips

Google Maps is one of the most useful Google applications with so many practical and fun uses they can’t be counted. No other map application can be compared to it. The first and most obvious is driving directions on you phone. Did you know you can send map directions from your computer’s web-browser to your…

Draggable Directions in Google Maps

Google Maps makes it easy to customize your route with draggable driving, walking, and biking directions if you want to go a different way than suggested.

Google Maps

Use Google Maps to find an address and get directions. Learn the basics of how to use Google maps so that you can take advantage of this useful tool. Basics Learn more about Google Maps  

Embedding Custom Maps

Publish local searches, directions, and custom maps on your own web site. Share content directly from Google Maps with ease.

Google Street View

One of the awesome features of Google Maps is Street View. Search for the location that you want to view. Click on the locations bubble and along with the description you should see a thumbnail photo of the location. Click on the thumbnail and you will see the full-size picture of it. Street View is…

Create Custom Google Maps

Take car, bicycle, or walking trip suggestions and add them to a custom map. See how to best navigate between places on your map with only a few clicks

Evernote: GeoTag Photos

If you take a photo using the Evernote mobile app using an Android or Apple smart-phone it will record when and where you took that photo.  There are many reasons you may want to do this: Want to remember a favorite fishing spot?  Take a picture of that big fish that you caught using the…

TARC on Google Maps

Google Maps now has TARC roots. I real convenience for us technophiles that would like to use mass-transit.


This month we  learned how to use Google applications in many different ways, many that you can’t imagine. Share photos via email, Google Buzz, Blogger and Twitter with Picasa Web. In Picasa Web choose the photo you wish to embed. On the right side click any of the icons next to the words “Post on:”….