Embedding Custom Maps

Publish local searches, directions, and custom maps on your own web site. Share content directly from Google Maps with ease.

Add Videos To Your Site

A great thing that you can do with YouTube is add YouTube videos to your site using embedding. You can take those videos you uploaded to your channel and have those appear on your website. To do this go to the video you would like to use click “Share”, then click “Embed”. You will see…

More Embedding

Just like you do with photos, audio and video you can embed many more rich media. You can embed charts, maps, calendars, documents and much more. Let’s get started by embedding some Google products… Photos in Picasa Web Album in Picasa Web Picasa slide show Youtube Videos Docs Maps Calendars

Embedding Other Content

We’ve embedded pictures and audio. We embedded video from Youtube and Vimeo. These are just a


This month we¬† learned how to use Google applications in many different ways, many that you can’t imagine. Share photos via email, Google Buzz, Blogger and Twitter with Picasa Web. In Picasa Web choose the photo you wish to embed. On the right side click any of the icons next to the words “Post on:”….


How do I post audio/music to my blog? The blogger tutorial mentions several hosting services but I have not used any of the others so I have no opinion of them. I have only used Box.net to host audio once but I think it works pretty well. I have also used Podserve. Podserve is a…