Google Hangout is a video chat service that allows you to chat with up to 9 of your friends at the same time with video. While you’re in video chat you can text chat at the same time. you can share you desktop, share  and collaborate on items in your Google Drive . You can share…

Getting Started With Circles In Google+

Circles are Googgle Plus’s system for organizing the people you want to share with. You can organize people into groups like “Family”, “friend”and “co-workers”. You may share with everyone, a small group or one person. Instructions

Google Plus Notifications

Unfortunately when you start with Google+ the default notification settings are to send you an email every time anything happens in your stream. I do not like this at all so I went to the Google+ and I turned off all email notification. There is enough noise in email as it is and Google has…

Google+ Pages

Google+ Page give business and brand the ability to keep in contact with customers or clients…


Google+ Mobile is an app for Android Phones but soon to iPhones and others that lets you share to Google+ from anywhere. Get updates from your circles in the stream. Do a check-ins from your location to let you friends know where you are.

Plus 1

+1 is just a like button for a webpage or post. + 1’s are displayed on the page or post and also in your profile. 


Google Profiles is actually a very old, at least a couple of years. Choose and control what you want others to know about you. You can share more with some Circles than others. Google has made your privacy number one business. You control who sees what. About Profiles Some people including myself are using profiles…