New Features In Windows 11


There are many new features in Windows 11, the most noticeable of these is:

  1. The Start Button and Start Menu is aligned to the center. They did this of course to accommodate tablets and maybe make it look like a Mac a little.
  2. Round corner on everything. Now we are definitely seeing some Mac envy.
  3. Widgets – More or less a glorified RSS reader. We saw this before in Windows 8.
  4. Snap discoverability – Snap has been with us since Windows 7, though I seldom see anyone use it. Perhaps it’s because it is hard to discover. Snap is way to lock apps to a portion of your screen. Left half, right half, left upper corner, right bottom corner, you get the picture. Now Microsoft has this feature a little more discoverable. Hover over the Maximize icon of any window and you will see the options of where to pin that window.
  5. Snap Layouts – Now you have the ability to save Snap layouts. Say you want a certain group for accounting and one for stock trading, you can save the Snap layouts and one all of the apps in that group with one click.
  6. Android Apps – You will be able to use Android apps on Windows 11 although it is through Amazon not Google. This feature is not ready yet.
  7. Microsoft Teams integration – Microsoft Teams is the hub for team collaboration in Microsoft 365 that integrates the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged. I don’t think this is in the preview version.
  8. Performance – I’m finding 11 is snappier. It’s maybe because it is a clean installation or I’m just imagining it. Six or 7 year old computer.

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