Setup Windows With No Microsoft Account

Since Windows 8 Microsoft has preferred that you login to Windows using a Microsoft account. Being old-school and, I don’t use many Microsoft products, I would rather login using a local account, an account that just pertains to the computer. Setting up a local account in Windows 10and 11 on first boot can be problematic….

Upgrade To Windows 10 Now

As you should know Windows 7 has reached its “end of life”, meaning it will never again get any updates. That said this is a great time to upgrade to Windows 10. Yes it’s still free! What You Need To Do Backup your data. Even though the upgrade has proven to be very reliable, nothing…

You Can Still Do The Windows 10 Upgrade

For now apparently you can still do the free Windows 10 upgrade but you better do it quick. You can still download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool. You can perform the update if you are still using Windows 7 (will soon expire) or Windows 8.1. Once you’ve done this your machine is entitled to…

Windows Moving To Chromium

It is the word on the street that Microsoft will drop the Edge web browser on “Windows” instead opting for a browser based on Chromium, the open-source version of Chrome. This may never come to pass but it would be an excellent change. Maybe this could be my default browser.

Get Windows 10 For Free

If you never got around to installing the free Windows 10 Upgrade I’ve got news. You can still get Windows 10 for free with no hack necessary. The trick is; when asked to enter product key skip it. Also when prompted to register don’t.  As the video below shows; there seems to be no repercussions…

Create Windows 10 Installation Media

If you have done the free  Windows 10 upgrade and activated it your machine is entitled to Windows 10 and you can reinstall it anytime you like. You can even do a clean reinstall with no need to return to the old operating system. To reinstall you must first obtain installation media. Here are instructions…

Windows 10 Free Upgrade Still Available

Windows 10 free upgrade is still available at least for now. Paul Thurrott of has been checking it regularly and he says it is still working. Be aware that this could end at any time so do the upgrade right away.  

What After Your Windows 10 Upgrade

So, you got the Windows 10 free upgrade. What do you do now? Here are a few things you can to improve your experience: Make sure that your activated. Go to Settings, Upadate & Security and Activation. Once your machine is activated you can reinstall anytime you wish. At the time activation the activation servers record…

Last Few Days For Free Windows 10 Upgrade

If your running Windows 7 or 8.1 and your planning to upgrade to Windows 10, do it now. After July 29th it will no longer be free. On July 30th it will cost you $100 or more. You can also get it on any new device. If you plan to do it do it now….

Windows 10 Upgrade News – Nag screen finally fixed with one month to go!

Microsoft has finally fixed the Windows 10 upgrade dialog box just in time for the home stretch. The upgrade dialog box has caused a bit of confusion with some users causing them to accidentally upgrade, not intentionally. The dialog box now give you 3 very obvious choices: a big button that says “Upgrade now”, a link that…