Windows App Installer

Windows 11 has a native software manager called  Windows App Installer or winget. Just like in Linux you can install applications directly from the Command Prompt. No need find the correct website, find the download link, download the app, maybe extract the package from a zip-file and then run the installer. Just run a simple command like…

winget install notepad++ -y

Hit enter and Winget does the rest.

Winget For Windows 10

You don’t have to wait for Windows 11 to get App Installer (winget). It may work now. Open the Microsoft Store and enter App Installer, click get. If that doesn’t work yet you can get it from GitHub (acquired by Microsoft in 2018). Download and install the msixbundle. The App Installer will for sure be available for Windows 10 from the Store in the Fall of 2021.

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