Train Your Gmail Spam Filter

In Gmail do you have important messages that end up in the spam folder. You can train Gmail to know what is and isn’t spam. Watch the video and Leo Laporte will tell you how.

January Tips

This is the first post of a series of items I would like to share but do not think they worthy of an entire post. How to clear all those old emails out of Gmail Brave is a secure browser How to create a Gmail alias

What’s New With Gmail

Gmail after several years has a new look and some new functionality. What’s New? New look – The corners are rounder especially the compose but which is now oval instead of rectangular. Big deal! A sidebar for Google’s apps, Smart reply, Snooze an email, Confidential email, A choice of layouts, Find out more about these…

A Look at the New Gmail

Google just updated Gmail with one of its biggest redesigns in a long time. The update brings several security features like confidential mode, which allows you to add two-factor authentication and / or set expiration dates for individual emails. Phishing alerts are also now highlighted in a much clearer way, with bold red boxes that are harder…

CryptUp: Gmail Encryption in 60 Seconds

CryptUp is the simplest PGP application for Gmail. This application makes it extremely easy to create encrypted email within Gmail. There’s no need to understand how PGP works. CryptUp just works. CryptUp adds a new button in Gmail called SECURE COMPOSE. It lets you send encrypted emails to anyone. Just click on in, write your…

Encrypt Your Gmail With Mailvelope

Mailvelope is a free software for end-to-end encryption of email traffic inside of a web browser (Firefox or Chromium) that integrates itself into existing webmail applications (“email websites”). It can be used to encrypt and sign electronic messages, including attached files, without the use of a separate, native email client (like Thunderbird) using the OpenPGP…

Inbox – A New Email Experience

Inbox by Gmail is a brand new way to experience your Gmail. Inbox makes it far easier for you to catch the emails you want to see and get rid of the crap.  


Google Hangout is a video chat service that allows you to chat with up to 9 of your friends at the same time with video. While you’re in video chat you can text chat at the same time. you can share you desktop, share  and collaborate on items in your Google Drive . You can share…

Offline Google Mail

Offline Google Mail beta is a Gmail app built to support offline access, allowing mail to be read, responded to, searched and archived without network access. After first start-up, Gmail Offline will automatically synchronize messages and queued actions anytime Chrome is running and an Internet connection is available.


Gmail is the core of the Google applications. This web based mail application is easy to use yet very powerful. This month we will learn the secrets of this powerful tool.