Hidden Windows Features

There are a lot of useful features in Windows 10 that you may not know exist like:

  • Secret Start Menu – If you right-click the Windows Start icon in the low right corner of you screen you will see a menu giving you access right-away to many of the tools may want to access.
  • Storage Manager – See what and how much storage you have and how much is in use. A possible use case. You’ve seemingly run out of space on your hard-drive and you want to see what you have in use. Go to: Settings, System, Storage and it will show all of the storage you have on the computer. Click on the C: drive a click and it will show you more detail. This should give you some idea what is using all of the space. Click the suspect category and it will show you what folders are taking all of the space and will give you some idea of what you should delete.
  • God Mode is a shortcut list of every tool on your computer. To create it right-click on your desktop and select New – Folder. Copy the code below and enter it into the name field, and hit the enter key. You can change the name God mode to anything else if you wish.
  • Snipping Tool – This is a great tool to make screenshots of all or parts of your screen. I never use it. I don’t no why I keep doing it the old way. Copy to GIMP crop and resize. I thing I will use it starting today.
  • Remote Assistant – Like other remote programs. I have not used it in a very long time. Maybe I’ll play around with it sometime.
  • Steps Recorder – Records in picture and text step you took to do a procedure to demonstrate what you are doing wrong or how to do it right. To open Steps Recorder, select the Start button, and then select Windows Accessories > Steps Recorder (in Windows 10), or Accessories > Problem Steps Recorder (in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1). It will record in pictures
  • Voice Recorder – records sound
  • Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) – Helps keep Windows computers free from prevalent malware. MSRT finds and removes threats and reverses the changes made by these threats. MSRT is generally released monthly as part of Windows Update.
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool – Checks you system memory (RAM) for errors that could be causing issues with your computer.

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