5G Is Coming To Your Home

Can 5G cell service replace your home Internet from Spectrum or Comcast?

In the last year cable companies have lost customers or at least have not gotten any new customers. This maybe partly due to 5G cell networks. These networks are fast enough to watch 4K HD video. Eventually these networks could give us up to 10 gigabytes download, right now it’s in the hundreds of megabytes. Given this capability why would pay for two services?

5G is not really a single technology. There are two technologies that are commonly used. The first is Sub 6 which is 2X faster than 4G. The other is mmWave (millimeter wave) which is at least 6 times faster than your home Wi-Fi. This technology is super-fast but is limited by the distance from the hotspot.

In some markets they are even giving you / selling you a hub for your home that all of your devices can connect.

Bottom line, this option could be available .you very soon.

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