LastPass is a password management system.  It is available as a plugin for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.  Widows, OS10, Linux.  There are mobile apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and WindowsPhone.  LastPass syncs across all of these devices  securely.

How Much Does LasPass Cost?

LastPass could be call freemium service.  For the basic service you pay nothing forever but if you would like additional functionality like mobile apps or Yubikey support you must get the premium service for $12 per year. A real bargain!

LastPass With A Portable Browser

My favorite ways to access LastPass on a computer that is not mine is installing the plugin on a portable browser.  A portable browser is a web-browser; either Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome that you launch from a thumb-drive. Install one of these on any thumb-drive you have laying around. That old 256  MB one…

Master Passwords

To secure all of your passwords stored in LastPass you really should create a very strong master-password. This can be very difficult.  If it’s hard to guess it is hard to remember and if it’s easy to remember it is easy to guess. Entropy Entropy simply mean  randomness. Example: “Password” is a very poor example of…

More About LastPass

You can learn a lot more about LastPass lile secure-notes and form filling by watch all the LastPass screen-casts on YouTube.

Using LastPass Sesame

You can use LastPass Sesame to log in to LastPass more securely when not on a familiar computer. I do not like Sesame. I prefer the Portable Browser method.

Using LastPass With A YubiKey

You can by even more secure when using LastPass by using a device call a Yubikey for third factor authentication.