Master Passwords


To secure all of your passwords stored in LastPass you really should create a very strong master-password. This can be very difficult.  If it’s hard to guess it is hard to remember and if it’s easy to remember it is easy to guess.


Entropy simply mean  randomness. Example: “Password” is a very poor example of a password. Let’s turn it into a good one entropy. Let’s make the “S’s” uppercase. Let’s make the “o” a zero and we’ll add a symbol “!”.  (paSSw0rd!)  This is somewhat better. We have upper, lower a number and a symbol.


As it turns out at least when it comes to passwords size does matter. The longer a password the more time it takes to crack. What this means is you can use anything for a password as long as it has a lot of characters. We’ll now make a sentence with our password. “iseldomchangemypaSSw0rd!inaugust” is a great LastPass master-password and you could remember it with practice. It is very long and has some entropy. This is an uncrackable  LastPass master-password. I might have over done it with the length. Fifteen or twenty characters is long enough but this is an example of a very long password that you could remember. Or this… “QQQQQpaSSw0rd!LLLLLL“.

Length is the most important thing but still use some entropy. Upper, lower, number and a symbol.

Song Lyrics

One very easy way to create a master-password is to use song lyrics. Do this with the entropy rules in mind. Let’s do one… “justlikemetheylong2Bclose2U—“. Songs are very easy to remember because of the music component.

Write It Down

There are some “experts” that will say I’m crazy but I think it is a good idea to write the master-password down, at least until you’ve put it to memory. Do not write down the site URL for or the email address you use for LastPass. Them put it in your wallet or purse. After you memorize your master-password destroy the paper.

Master Password Generator 

LastPass has a random password generator that also gives you phonetic pronounciation of the password but the methods above work much better.

Check your master password!

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