HTTPS For All Sites

August 6th, 2014 Google announced that sites using strong encryption HTTPS by default would get top priority in page PageRank. Google is did this to promote security on the web. HTTPS not only ensures the identity of the site but also provides end to end communication with the site. No one can intercept any of the…


TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the only way to get complete security. You knowwww, when you go to your bank and you see the green lock that says HTTPS  in your address bar. TLS/SSL is end to end encryption. This is sometimes refured to as a tunnel. It is secure…

Secure Surfing

Who uses public available WiFi hotspots? What is HTTPS and TSL ? One way to crack sites using HTTPS is guessing passwords, so use strong passwords. What is broken on secure sites? Unencrypted session cookies. A hacker using a packet sniffing program can capture those unencrypted session cookies.


How to make conference calls with Skype. Turn on HTTPS for Gmail sessions. (There has been a revision to this since 12/14. HTTPS  has been turned on by default.) What is Net Neutrality