Secure Surfing


Who uses public available WiFi hotspots?

What is HTTPS and TSL ?

One way to crack sites using HTTPS is guessing passwords, so use strong passwords.

What is broken on secure sites? Unencrypted session cookies. A hacker using a packet sniffing program can capture those unencrypted session cookies.

Using Ettercap for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Windows and Solaris.

Using Cane & Abel for Windows and OS X.

What is Firesheep? Window and Macs

What is special about Firesheep?

Security Now on Firesheep

How do we fix it?

What is Blacksheep?

What is HTTPS everywhere?

A Hotspot could stop this by turning on WPA2 with AES on their routers.

What is a VPN?

It’s the only real way to stay secure on an open WiFi hotspot.



HotSpot VPN – $8.88 per month





Your corporate or company VPN.

GoToMyPC – $9.95 per month, $99 per year

LogMeIn Free – Free

Web 2.0 SIG

Come to the Web 2.0 SIG. Monday December 13th at 6:30pm here at the church in the computer lab. We’ll be learning about Prezi the free online presentation editor.

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