How to make conference calls with Skype.

Turn on HTTPS for Gmail sessions. (There has been a revision to this since 12/14. HTTPS  has been turned on by default.)

What is Net Neutrality

Dropbox is like a on-line drive that can be accessed on any computer anywhere. It appears in a window just like any other folder. Install the Dropbox on multiple computer and your stored documents will be shared with all the computers. You may also access the files on-line. They can even be shared with other. This service is free for the first 2 Gigabytes. For Windows, Macs and Linux.

Microsoft’s Skydrive gives you 25 gigabytes absolutely free but you need a third party program to make it a virtual drive. “Skydrive Explorer” is a free program that does this.

For all you Ubuntu users there’s Ubuntu One that is much like Dropbox.

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