What’s Your New Password Manager?


LastPass what use to be my preferred password manager has had a hard time the Last couple of years. They have seen multiple security breaches which you absolutely can not have in a mission critical application such as a password manager.

LassPass being no longer an option what should you next password manager be. After their being purchased by LogMeIn then the first breach that’s when I started to investigate alternatives. My final decision was based on the availability of applications, and it had to be open-source. Bitwaren met all of my criteria.

Bitwarden is cross platform and open source. It functions very similarly to LastPass. It can even import all of you LastPass data, and passwords from your browser. Bitwarden is free forever. They earns money with their business plans. They do have a premium plan, and a family plan for cheap. I am going to purchase the premium plan for$12 a year; worth to get the F2A security.

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