Streaming Players

There are really only three kinds of streaming media players:

Apple TV is a streaming play from Apple and works with your iTunes media. It supports the usual apps Netflix, Hulu and many others. No “Amazon Prive Video” and no “Google Play Video”.

Roku has all of the apps with the one exception of iTunes.

Android TV is a platform that is used by many manufactures. Popular ones are the Chromecast” and the Chromecast Ultra by Google.  Also NVIDIA Shield Pro and the Xiaomi Mi Box.  These have all of the most common apps except iTunes and Amazon.

The Amazon Fire TV and Firestick are based on Android TV but have no Play Store I think.

There is also a hacked versions of Android TV which is commonly referred to as a Kodi Boxs. They are made by various manufactures. These have Kodi and its unethical if not illegal associated applications. With Kodi and those apps you can watch new movies and TV. If your comfortable with this go for it. I found this device inherently insecure. I don’t think it can get any security updates to the OS, which I believe are a must. I don’t think I would ever enter my Google, Amazon or NetFlix credentials in it!

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