Best TV Antennas

You can get local and major network programming absolutely free. That’s right you don’t need cable or satellite! Just like in the old-days all you need is an antenna. You don’t necessarily need a special antenna. What you might already have may work as well as anything. If your already have the old rabbit-ears or even better an outdoor antenna it may work great. If you don’t have an antenna you may want to get one of these.

WallTenna is a simple yet very effective antenna. It sets flat so you can hide it behind a picture or a window blind. I’ve owned one and it words quite well.

Sobetter Outdoor Antenna  is a simple directional outdoor antenna only through Amazon. I am experimenting with this now. Pointed at the Floyd’s Knobs I get all of the stations with the exception of WMYO 58 Salem Indiana.

There are lots of antennas out there but I have no experience with them. I’m sure many of the others work well. Whether you buy from Amazon or not check out the comments online before you buy.

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