Free Online Storage

Today there are lots of online storage sites. Many of them free for some small amount of space which can very from 2 to 30 gigabytes. If you are saving only MS Word documents and a few pictures, these amounts of space could be adequate.

Which service and how much space?:

  1. Dropbox gives you 2 gigabytes of storage free with an opportunity to get more through referrals,
  2. OneDrive has 15 gigabytes of storage free with multiple opportunities to get more space.
  3. Google Drive 15 gigabytes of space free with opportunities to get more free space.

With each of these services you can purchase more space if you need it.

Each of these services has an application that syncs your files with any computer as well as the cloud.

Google Drive and OneDrive both have a suite of applications to create docs, spreadsheets, presentations and more. The OneDrive applications are terrific being nearly the full “MS Office” applications. Dropbox has no cloud applications just storage.

There are Dropbox applications for Windows, Mac and Linux. OneDrive only Windows and Mac. Google Drive supports only Windows and Mac for now. I’m not sure why there is no Linux app but there is a third-party application called Insync that will sync your Linux box with Google Drive. Insync unfortunately cost $20.

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