Automatic Cloud Backup Solutions

Carbonite and CrashPlan are in a class of online backup solutions that are unlike Google Drive or Dropbox. With these services you pay one low price for unlimited backup of one computer. The unlike Google Drive the backed up files are not supposed to be easily accessible online. Carbonite And CrashPlan are not for file-sharing either. They are strictly for backup. the great thing about these services and in particular Carbonite you install it and it runs in the background and you never know it’s there. CrashPan could require a somewhat more advanced user. Carbonite is $59.99 per year and CrashPlan is $3.96 per month (total $47.52 per year). Carbonite is somewhat easier to use but CrashPlan is more versatile. See what else you can do with CrashPlan.

Carbonite and CrashPlan are just two of myriod of cloud backup solutions offered on the Internet. These are just the only ones that I have used. Others are Mozy, SpiderOak, Backblaze and SugarSync. And last but not least there is PogoPlug which is a cloud, hardware hybrid. See video!





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