Adding Custom Domain

When you start a WordPress blog you get a domain name that looks something like this If you want you must by a domain name and port it to your site. Fortunately you can do this without ever leaving Go to that sites dashboard and click “Upgrades” and then click “Domains”. Under “Add a Domain” enter the domain you would like to get and click “Add domain to blog”. Fill out the form and make sure to check “Make my personal information private for this registration.” This will cost you an extra $8 but it’s worth it. Total will be $23.

There are other domain options such as domain mapping your domain that you already have for $12 and domain forwarding which you must setup with your domain register.

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  1. aquamarineswan says:

    Is buying a domain name important for a blogger’s future? Can someone take my free WordPress site’s name? Thank you for any thoughts on this.


    1. Mark says:

      Having a custom domain is very important to growing a brand. You will not loose your free domain from WordPress. You will have both and they will both point to your site. You can connect to this site with or


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