Introducing Google+

Google+ is the new social networking tool from Google. Google+ actually is many products that are integrated with each other.

  • Circles – Cirles is the G+ contact manager, making it easy to control who sees your content.
  • Stream – The Stream is the place to have meaningful conversations. A space where people share there content.
  • Google+ Bar – The Google+ Bar, the bar over the top of all Google products giving you access to G+.
  • Photos – Photos is an easy way to share photos with your G+ circles.
  • Chat – With Chat you can text chat with anyone in your circles. I believe this is being called Huddle.
  • Sparks – Sparks brings you stories on the things you love from all across the Web.
  • Profiles – Your profile is the way you represent yourself on Google products and across the web.
  • +1 Button – Use the +1 button to publicly show what you like, agree with, or recommend on the web.
  • Google+ Mobile – Share updates and see what’s going on around you with Google+ Mobile.

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