Google Music

The war to be the best streaming music site is on. In April the announcement of Amazon’s Cloud Player and last month Google’s cloud based music service Beta called Google Music. I sign up for Cloud Player. I also requested an invitation to the Google service last month and just got the invitation today and logged in. After messing with it for a few minutes I found Google Music to be easier then Amazon because you can automatically add a lot of free songs so you can begin streaming right away. Amazon you had to wait until you upload some songs to the Cloud Drive or buy some from Amazon. Granted you don’t own the free music but who cares. It’s free! Of the two Cloud Player and Google Music I think Google Music will be a better experience for most people. I take issue with one thing. Google and Amazon have a uploader program that is for Windows and Mac only and I’m a Linux user. Fortunately Amazon has a web based uploader, Google only has the program, so I have to switch to a Windows Machine to get my on songs on Google Music.

Happy listening!

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