Manage And Edit

You can manage your videos visibility, stats and comments right inside YouTube. You can see your video’s stats, thumbs up and thumbs down all from the Uploads page. You can edit your videos right inside YouTube. You can cut, append, edit the sound track and more right inside of YouTube. From the Analytics page you can…

Upload Videos

To upload video to YouTube you must first have a YouTube account. If you already have a Gmail account just use your Gmail login. YouTube supports many video formats including WMV, AVI MP4 and many others. See a list. How to upload.

Download YouTube Videos

Of course you can watch YouTube videos from the YouTube website but what if you have dialup or even worst no Internet at all. With the “Download YouTube Videos as MP4 and FLV” extension for Firefox you can download YouTube videos when your near a high-speed connection and them watch them later when you don’t.

YouTube For Education

I know you’ve seen the sleepy cat videos, the failed skateboard stunts and the Cosplayers on YouTube. What you may not have seen is all the great educational videos. You can learn almost anything on YouTube. Anything from math to cooking. As a matter of fact, education videos are the largest growing area of YouTube.

Digital Media

Back in January we looked at how to use RSS. What we did not cover was where to find media to put in your RSS aggregator. This month that’s what we’re doing. We’re going to learn how to find digital media.


This month we  learned how to use Google applications in many different ways, many that you can’t imagine. Share photos via email, Google Buzz, Blogger and Twitter with Picasa Web. In Picasa Web choose the photo you wish to embed. On the right side click any of the icons next to the words “Post on:”….