What After Your Windows 10 Upgrade

So, you got the Windows 10 free upgrade. What do you do now? Here are a few things you can to improve your experience:

  • Make sure that your activated. Go to Settings, Upadate & Security and Activation. Once your machine is activated you can reinstall anytime you wish. At the time activation the activation servers record the hardware you are using. You never have to worry about product keys again.
  • Uninstall crapware. Right click Start button select Programs & Features. Be sure not to uninstall drivers. If you need more information about some of these program use Revo Uninstaller. Get Revo from Ninite.
  • Consider a clean start. Reset your PC to Windows 10, drivers and nothing else.
  • Get all of your favorite free programs from Ninite.
  • Speed-up your new Windows 10 PC easily trough the System Control Panel. Watch the video.
  • Disable Cortana – Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows Phone 8.1. It doesn’t work that well. The default search engine is Bing and this can’t be changed. To turn Cortana off, tap the Windows key then type “cort” then click on “Cortana & Search Settings”. Switch off search.
  • Hide the search box from the task-bar. Right-click on the task-bar, hover over “Search” and choose “Hide”.
  • Pin you favorite apps to the start panel or remove them.
  • Get some “Modern Apps” from the Windows Store.

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