Google Maps Tips

Google Maps is one of the most useful Google applications with so many practical and fun uses they can’t be counted. No other map application can be compared to it.

  • The first and most obvious is driving directions on you phone. Did you know you can send map directions from your computer’s web-browser to your phone.
  • You can get directions for bicycling, mass transit, or even walking.
  • You can share custom maps by email, and embed them in web-pages. You can even use it to share your location anytime, via the Google Maps mobile app.
  • You can measure distance as the crow flies.
  • You can measure the area of a property.
  • You can view a place as seen from the street.
  • You can view a property form to past.
  • Google Maps integrates with Google Calendar to show you where you event is happening. It will even tell you when to leave to make it to your appointment on time.
  • Google Maps helps you to avoid traffic.
  • See inside public buildings. You can even do a virtual tour of them.
  • You can even go on a virtual walk of hike.

There are so many websites and mobile apps that use the Google Maps API (application programming interface), so there’s no need for any other app. They integrate seamlessly with Google Maps.

There are many other features to numerous to mention. Google Map Features

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