How Scammers Scam


There are many scams out there to separate you and your love-ones from your hard earned money.

One the most common scams is, you get a message in your email or text that says that your bank account has been charged for a Norton Anti-Virus subscription. The message has a phone number to call. You call the number for a refund. Through some technical manipulation and some old-time social engineering they convince you that they have refunded you to much money. They convince you to return the money in the form of gift-cards or some other suspicious means. You go to the store and buy gift-cards. You give them the gift numbers and PIN numbers. Now they have all of you money and you will never see it again.

There are many other scams but this one seems to be the most prevalent.

Most of these scams focus on cheating the elderly and less tech savvy.

Pierogi on the Scammer Payback channel on YouTube is an anti-scammer who fights for the cheated, swindled in a interesting and humorous way.

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