Windows 365, Is it for you?


On July 14th Microsoft released a new product, Windows 365, a cloud a web service that provides access to a Windows 10 and Windows 11 computers that can be accessed using any kind of device. The cloud application has all of the resources so you don’t have to have a powerful computer to run it.

The cost of this service is very expensive to starting at$20 per user, per month. this only gets you Microsoft Office, Outlook, and OneDrive. The Basic system is basic. 1 CPU cores, 2GB of RAM, and 64 gigs of storage. This lack of resources all but guarantees that the customer will upgrade to the next package, doubling the resources for ten dollars more. Of course you can purchase a lot more up to $158 per user per month. This sounds like a lot of money but if you are a large company this could reduce cost be reducing the IT staff and the purchasing of new computers.

Is Windows 365 for everyone? No, at least not yet.

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