Best Streaming Devices For 2021

There are a lot of TV streaming devices out there, many of them I’ve used. Here is a list…

  • Roku – The Roku was my first streaming device. Roku is compatible with all streaming services, I think. Roku comes in many forms, a box and a stick. There are versions with just 1080P and others with ultra-high-definition and HDR (high dynamic range). Prices start at $21.99.
  • Chromecast with Google TV – In this iteration of the Chromecast they have included a physical remote; of course you can still cast from your phone or computer to the device. It has a new interface called Google TV which is more content driven rather than app driven. The new Chromecast is $49.99. The original Chromecast is just $29.99. I assume all of the old Android TV devices will eventually get the Google TV upgrade.
  • Nvidia Shield – The Shield has always been the more powerful of all of the stand alone streaming boxes. That would make sense because Nvidia is one of the worlds largest video chip makers. The new Shield TV has a new cylindrical form facture and is now ultra high definition and HDR. Shield TV cost $149.99. The new Shield TV Pro has super powerful processor a large amount of storage and can be used as a Plex server. The Shield TV Pro cost $199.99.
  • Amazon Fire TV – By far my worst experience has been the Fire TV Stick. They also have a box. I’m guessing they’ve gotten better with more services available and more powerful chips. I’ve not tried it since version 2. The box maybe better than the stick.
  • Apple TV 4K – I have not had a Apple TV but I’m guessing it is pretty much like all the other players with pretty much the same services (check to see if they have your favorite services before purchasing it). Apple TV use to be very tied to your iTunes account. I’m hearing that is not the case anymore.
  • Xbox Series S – This is supposed to be the best video player of all but I don’t suggest you get it unless you are a gamer because it cost $300. I’m not a gamer so I’ve never owned one. I think I watched a movie on an Xbox at my nephew’s house. It seemed okay.
  • Mi Box – The Xiaomi Mi box is just another Android TV device. It works fine.

There are many other players out there many of them are fine like the Mi Box but there are other very inexpensive clones out there, many running an old phone OS. If a player is not in this list be sure to do your research.

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