Repair Windows Boot Partition

Sometimes when you remove Linux from a dual-boot Windows and any Linux operating systems. An issues may arise with the boot-loader. Removing the Linux partition does not remove the Grub boot-loader. When you start your computer you just get a black screen with…

  • Example 1:
    • error: no such partition.
    • grub rescue>
  • Example 2:
    • error: no such partition.
    • Entering rescue mode…
    • grub rescue>

… or something similar.

You will find many instruction on the Internet how to fix this they will tell you to “boot your Windows install media” and run “Automatic Repair”. This seldom works but it’s easy so why not try it. After that fails they tell you to boot to the media, run the “Command Prompt”, type “Bootrec /fixmbr and Bootrec /fixboot. The /fixboot command will most certainly bring up an error and will not fix the issue.

The solution is to erase the boot-partition and then recreate it. These instruction can also be found on the Internet but it is hard to find the correct instructions. This video is the correct guide to fixing this issue. You’ll want to stop and start it a bunch of time. You also may want to watch it all of the way through a couple of time and take notes.

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