Other New Wyze Products

Wyze Headphones

Least expensive noise cancelling headphones I’ve heard about. Only from the pictures I noticed some familiar cheep construction. These headphones could be flimsy. No way to know until I see a set.

  • 40dB quick on/off hybrid active noise cancellation with Transparency Mode to amplify outside sound.
  • 20mm foam and elongated earpads make for all day comfort.
  • Dedicated microphones isolate your voice in a room full of chatter.
  • 20 hours of music or calls on a single charge. 10-minute quick charge provides 4 hours of battery.
  • Access information quickly by asking Alexa or using your phone’s native voice assistant. (I would turn this off first thing.

Preorder $49.99

Wyze Scale

Health is measured by more than just weight. Wyze Scale also measures body fat, lean body mass, and even your heart rate. With 12 metrics tracked, you get a full picture of your health:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat %
  • Heart Rate
  • Lean Body Mass
  • Body Mass Index
  • Muscle Mass
  • Visceral Fat
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • More

Wyze Scale shows you weight and body fat percentage on a crisp LED display, but inside the Wyze app, you can get an even better picture. See your weight and body composition trends over time. Track your progress. See yourself succeed.

Buy Now $19.99

Wyze Band

Finally, an affordable device for your wrist that can do more than just track your steps. Wyze Band lets you control your Wyze devices. Turn on and change the temperature of Wyze Bulb or tell your Wyze Cams to stop recording motion when you get home. Now all your Wyze devices are even more useful.

Controls your Wyze Bulbs, Cameras and Wyze Plug.

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