Wyze Outdoor Cam Is Here, Finally!

It’s here believe it or not the Wyze Cam Outdoor. This has been the most suggest product by Wyze users. The new Wyze Cam Outdoor is IP65 weather-resistant (low pressure, or not to be used underwater). For underwater use I recommend a GoPro. IP65 is plenty good to stop bad weather. Wyze Cam Outdoor is completely wireless but it does require a hub which comes with the starter kit for $49.99 + shipping. Additional cameras are $39.99. The rechargeable batteries last from 3-6 months based on normal usage.


It is wireless for up to 50′ from the hub, weather-resistant and of course the price.


Wyze Cam Outdoor’s mounting base only attaches to the camera by a magnet. I’m sure this works fine for holding it still, but in my neighborhood it may not deter it from being stolen. I think what I will do is put it in the housing that I bought for the purpose of putting a Wyze Cam outside. I may have to tare off the rubber plug covering the USB connector and the power-switch. I’m sure this makes it less water-resistant but it will be under a porch.

Again we have a hub to deal with. (the other one is the Wyze Sense hub) I’m sure the hub solved a lot of the issues with this camera but it is not a very elegant solution.

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