Build A Free WordPress Website is a propriety blog hosting service provider. is not directly related to which is home of the most popular open source CMS (content management system) software, WordPress. Even though blog hosting service uses WordPress at its core, there are several limitations to

You cannot install plugins on your site which is one of the best features of using WordPress. We have heard from many users who switched from to a self-hosted site because they did not want to be limited in terms of what they could do with their site.

You also cannot use custom themes on On top of all that, you are limited in terms of monetization. You cannot use ad platforms like Google Adsense on your site to make money from it.’s functionality can be improved by paying them. A free site gives you the least functionality and the $45 per month eCommerce plan gives you the most including:

  • 200 GB Storage Space
  • Get Personalized Help
  • Install Plugins and Themes
  • Accept Payments in 60+ Countries
  • Much More

There are several levels between Free and eCommerce the cheapest being at $4 per month. This plan a domain name of your choosing and removing ads from your site.

Learn to create a free website…

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