Must Have Mobile Apps

There are a lot of apps for smartphones out there some useful, some not so useful. Here are my pics for best apps…

  • Google Maps – This is a must. Don’t leave home without it. Of course it is a default app on Android but it is also available for iPhones.
  • Google Photos – Edit and manage all of your photos with the app. It is even available for iPhone and your computer’s web-browser.
  • DaTuner – If you are a guitarist or a musician or you play any instrument you need this app. It is the best tuner I’ve used not other than the Conn Stobotuner. AP Tuner for the iPhone.
  • Feedly – Best news reader app. Available for iPhone.
  • Sky Map – This app uses your phones GPS to identify stars, planets, nebulae and more. Lots of fun if your into that sort of thing.
  • Fast – A simple speed-test app from NETFLIX.
  • Run Keeper – Get the most out of your workout. Run Keep tracker your pace distance and location. Also for iPhone.

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