The New Wyze Bulb

The newest product from Wyze is the Wyze Bulb. The Wyze Bulb is a 200 lumen, WiFi connected programmable light bulb that cost less than $8, but are sold onlt as a four-pack from Wyze for $29 plus S/H

Using the Wyze app you can dim, brighten, change the color temperature (tint), turn off and on. Also the bulb can be scheduled when to turn off and on thou it is not very intuitive at first. The is no automatic “sunrise to sunset” feature it may come in later updates.

I had one issue when setting up the Wyze Bulb. No how many times a tried I could not get through the setup wizard. Something always felled. By going to the Wyze use forum I found it is best to turn off your mobile data while trying to do this procedure. This is a bug a will surely be resolved eventually.

To summarize. The Wyze Bulbs are a great product at a great price. With only two small issues I previously mentioned.

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