Blocking The Tech Giants

You might have wondered if it is even possible to not use the giant tech companies. Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple pretty much control everything.

Your computer or phone’s operating system (Windows, OS 10, iOS and Android) are a dominant part of our life. The only way to get around this is to use an open source OS like Linux. There are phone operating systems based on Linux like Tizen.

With email you have your ISPs email witch I would not recommend or Gmail (Google), and Outlook Mail (Microsoft).

Facebook is the only popular service of its type. There is Twitter but it doesn’t have any controls for who sees what.

In cloud-storage there is Google Drive, iCloud, Microsoft One Drive and tens of services that all use Amazon Web Service. Dropbox did stop using AWS in 2017.

Cloud office suites the same thing. Google Apps, Office 365 and Zoho. Zoho that uses AWS.

The video below is about a reporter who tried to quit the Big Five for a week. I think she only did this with web service.

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