Linux Users Obstacles

Linux is an open source operating system originally create as a free alternative to Unix. You maybe unfamiliar with Linux but it is in almost all non-Apple phones and tablet. It is in most smart cars, smart fridges and smart home systems. When you speak to Alexa your speaking to Linux.


Linux is used in lots of devices but it has struggled for years to become popular as a desktop computer operating system. The biggest reason after name recognition is hardware compatibility. printers in particular have been a big problem. This video might have your solution.

Windows Software Is Not An Option

One question I get continually is, “Can I run my Windows software on Linux?” That is complicated but the short answer is no, but many of the applications that you already use are also ported for Linux. Firefox, Chrome, Dropbox, Skype, Thunderbird, Teamviewer, VLC, Audacity, GIMP and many others have Linux versions. One other solution is to use Linux software that is very similar to the Windows applications. You can search for software at AlternativeTo.

Gaming On Linux

Gaming on Linux has never been a pleasant experience. The games available in the software managers are mostly lame. Not being a gamer the only game I play is Aisleriot Solitaire but I hear some gamers say Steam (a digital distribution platform developed for purchasing and playing video games.) You might also be interested in PlayOnLinux.


Moving to Linux is not particularly painful unless you have hardware or software that will not work with it. Everything else you will find very similar to Windows.

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