Phishing Emails, How To Stop Them

I got this email from PayPal with a link to see my PayPal statement. Clicking the button activated my Ublock Origin. I copied the link address and pasted it into a text editor and examined it. It was from….  As it turns out it was not a fishing email but it could have been. I could have gone to a site that looks like the you thought you were going to but isn’t. You could enter your account credentials then you would wonder why the site was not working. You may have then gone to the correct site and login but still not suspect anything. Now bad guys have your account information. This id called phishing.

The following are my suggestions to prevent this scenario:

  • Never click on links in emails. Go to the site as you would normally. I have to admit I’ve been known to send links in email occasionally. I will stop!
  • Right click the link and copy the link address then paste it into a text editor like Notepad. If you still need to find out more information about it. Go to (not the Chrome start-page) and past the address in the search. In the results do not click the first result. It is probably the suspect site.
  • Use Ublock Origin. It will help you when you inadvertently click on a link.

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