Create Linux Mint Installation Media

To install Linux Mint requires you to download a Linux image file and to create installation media from it. These are the instruction to download and create the Mint media if you are using Windows:

1. Download and install qBittorrent from Ninite,

2. Download the torrent file from Open the torrent file and it will download the Linux Mint Cinnamon ISO.

3. Download Rufus 2.11 Rufus is one of those old-time exe file and it does not install on Windows. Opening the exe will open the app.

4. Rufus and insert your flash drive.

5. Set “Partition scheme and target system type” to “BIOS or UEFI”.

6. Leave the “File system” at the default witch is FAT32.

7. Select “Check device for bad blocks”. 1 Pass is fine 2 is better but takes a long time.

Click the little drive icon. When you hover over it is says, “Click to select an image”. Select your Linux Mint ISO file and click open.

Click “Start”

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