Google I/O 2016

Android Apps on Chrome OS

Soon you will be able to  run Android apps on your Chromebook.

Google Home

Google Home is Google’s answer to the Amazon Echo a voice activated device that answers questions and orders products from Amazon. Google Home is a voice-activated home product that allows you and your family to get answers from Google, stream music, and manage everyday tasks.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant a virtual assistant app. It is just a major upgrade of Google Now with one critical difference, there will be not need to enter a Google account.

Allo and Duo

Google Allo is its new messaging application that is completely disconnected from your Google account.

Android N

Finally you can do split-screen multitasking, especially useful on larger devices like the Galaxy Note 6 and Pixel C.

Visual Improvements

Notifications and Setting are greatly visually improved.

Virtual Reality

Google is launching an entirely new Android based platform called Daydream a virtual reality headset powered by your phone like Google Cardboard but daydream is plastic, straps on and has sound built in.


The Android team claims the performance will be greatly increased.


Finally Google has introduced Firebase a quick and easy to use package of APIs that make it easy for developers to create great app easily and quickly.


Some kind of virtual reality technology.

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