Crap-ware on your system maybe worse then you think!

Crap-ware on new systems has always been a nuisance. It slows down your new computer, you get pop-ups telling you to register the software and a lot of other annoyances. Resent news has got me thinking that this software can be bad for your security as well.

Lenovo maker of the Thinkpad line of notebooks installed on its IdeaPad and Yoga computers, Superfish software that would give a third-party access to all of your encrypted transactions. This has damaged Lenovo’s reputation in a big way.

This news has led me to the conclusion that PC manufacturers can no longer be trusted to do what is best for their customers. They only serve their bottom line.

These are my recommendations when buying a new computer:

  1. Buy a Microsoft Signature PC,
  2. Install Linux Mint or your favorite Linux,
  3. Format the disk and install Windows from a known good source. Get your applications from Ninite.

Even removing all of the crap-ware may not remove the vulnerabilities that way be left behind.

Steve Gibson explains this problem in episode 496 of Security Now.

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