MS Office Alternatives


If you create documents and spreadsheets for home or school there is hardly any reason to purchase an expensive product like Microsoft Office. There are perfectly good alternatives online.

Google_Drive_Logo_lrg-580x461Google Drive

The first is the old standby Google Drive. You can view and edit MS Word documents. you can create documents and export them as Docx if needed. You can create spreadsheets, presentations, forms, tables, graphs and much more. You can also store any kind of file on Google Drive. What does all of this cost? Nothin!

Google Drive Tutorials


Skydrive-Logo-640x440Skydrive was first conceived as online storage but it has become a lot more. You can now create MS Office files there. Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and OneNote notebooks. Does it have all of the power of Microsoft Office? No! Do you really need all of that power? Most likely not. Skydrive is part of Microsoft’s suite of products that include Outlook mail. What does this suite of products cost? Not a penny!


Skydrive Tutorials

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