TV In Your Browser


There are many source of video entertainment and information on the Internet that you can watch on your computer in your web-browser.


The best Netflix instant streaming experience just got even better, with support for English subtitles, 1080p HD video and Dolby Digital+ surround sound. Works easily with your current Netflix unlimited membership. I like the big selection of documentaries and I like to watch TV Series that I do not have the patients to watch one a week.


Hulu on the biggest screen in the house. Enjoy every episode, all season long, of Glee, Modern Family, House, and dozens of other popular TV shows in HD. The service is $7.99 but there are still commercials but I have noticed that recently there are fewer and sorter commercials.


Watch free movies on Crackle. Tons of full-length, uncut Hollywood movies and TV series – all free and on demand. It tends to be older or less acclaimed programs and there are lots of commercials.

Amazon Instant

With Amazon Instant Video, you get over 100,000 titles, including the latest releases to DVD, available to choose from and watch right now. It is a little expensive à la cart but it is free with an Amazon Prime account.


Get unlimited access to every episode of every season of your favorite HBO shows, including HBO original series, hit movies, sports, comedy specials, documentaries – plus bonus features, behind-the-scenes extras and more – all FREE with your HBO subscription through participating TV providers. This is just silly because you must have HBO from a cable provider to use it. HBO could go direct to the customers if they had the stones.


Listen to custom radio ‘stations’ based on the songs and artists that you enjoy. Pandora’s technologists and musicians have analyzed thousands of songs to create a service that delivers the sounds you love alongside new music you might never have found.  I love Pandora! I have thousands of songs on my computer, file server and Google Play but I always listen to music on Pandora.


Anyone how knows me well knows that I am a big  TWiT fan. TWiT is a network of technology programs. They have shows on many topics including Windows, Macs, Google, products and much more.


Revision3 tech and geeky programming of all kinds. My favorite shows are Tekzilla and Hak5.

There are many more but I can’t name all of them.

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