Promote Yourself With YouTube


One of the best things you can do with YouTube is create a channel to promote yourself, your business or your cause. Post videos about your work or anything you think people might be interested in. Try to make all of your videos on one subject or related subjects. Upload your videos then change the background for your channel to make it look unique. Use Photoshop or some other illustration program to create some custom art work or just use a original picture with some writing on it. Try to get the name the website you are promoting in the custom background that you have created. The only place you can put a link to your site is in your YouTube profile. That is very small so definitely put it in your custom background.

One great example of someone who uses YouTube for promotion is Trey Ratcliff of Stuck In Customs. He has used free tools like Flickr, Google+ and YouTube to make a great living for himself. Check out his Stuck in Customs channel.

Someone else that is doing this quite effectively is Kina Grannis. This singer song-writers career has really taken off appearing on “The Degeneres Show” and the ‘Early Show”. She’s been tour on her own and backing up some major artist. What is so fantastic about this is she turned down a deal with a major record label so she could continue the Internet promotion thing.

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