Security and Privacy Tools


So far we have just dealt with privacy issues but what about Internet Security?


SSL or TSL are Internet Security protocols. They encrypt (make your communication secret) everything on the Internet point to point meaning from your computer to the web server, this includes your passwords. Whenever you login to a SSL or TSL session you will see the far left of the address bar of your web-browser change color. This should always be the case with your banking sites. If you do not see the bar change are being fished or the bank is not a good one and you should get a different one right away. It is most important that these protocols be observed when using a WiFi hotspot, if not everything you are doing can be observed.


By all means you must create good passwords and you must have a different password for every website. This can be difficult but there are tools like LastPass that can help you create good passwords and store them for you.

See Password Security Presentation

Password Security Part 2

Virtual Private Networks

A Virtual Private Networks or VPN is a great tool to enhance your privacy and security in fact it is the only way to really stay secure on an  unsecured WiFi hotspot.

How to setup your own VPN.

Use a hotspot VPN

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