Amazon Cloud Drive


Last month we talked about places on the Internet to store your files. One that was not included in this round-up was Amazon’s “Cloud Drive”. That’s because it just came out. “Amazon Cloud Drive” is just a front end for S3 the service we did discuss last month. You can use the site to upload files or you can use an up-loader program. Right now its only real function is to store your music and stream your tunes to any computer using the “Cloud Player” or smart-phone but I can see them someday soon adding auto syncing files on your computer.

I have not used the up-loader program because it’s for Windows and Macs only and I have been using only Linux but it has to be better than the web based up-loader which is a bad resource hog and it hardly works in Firefox at all.  The web based up-loader also has a some bugs still. I don’t know how it works in IE because again I haven’t been using Windows.

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