Cloud Computing and Web 2.0 What is it?


In the early days of the Internet it was all email and text chat. Even the games were text.

An early website

Then came the World Wide Web and a whole new world open up.

You could go to pages read the text look at pictures from far away lands.

Later they gave use silly animations.

Then better animations like…

And even better flash…

Flash site

We were still just going to pages and looking at things and going to other pages and looking at things. Sometimes reading or hearing.

Todays web is so much more! Cloud Computing is about…

  • Create, collaborate and share documents. Other doc
  • Create and share a presentation.
  • It’s about having you email with you where ever you go.
  • You can create a blog or website in minutes with WordPress and write about whatever you like or show off your photos.
  • You can put you own videos to share with others online with services like Youtube or Vemeo.
  • Store and share your photos online with Flickr, Picasa Web or SmugMug.
  • Get all the news with out paper waste. RSS Readers
  • Listen to or watch podcast on any subject imaginable.
  • Talk to your friends and family in foreign countries for free with Skype.
  • Save yourself and business maybe thousands of dollars that you may use to buy and implement new software. MS Office Online
  • Backup the data on you computer to the cloud and easily share files. Carbonite
  • Use cloud recourses to make you website better, stronger and faster. Cachefly, Amazon
  • Let your friends and the world know what your up to using Twitter and Facebook.
  • Access your data from anywhere. Do everything from your home or the other side of the world. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. Your resources are always handy.
  • SAAS – Software as a service. Let a big company like Amazon host an application. They have the power needed to do big jobs.
  • Don’t buy expensive video editing software or tie up your computer rendering video. Let the cloud do it.

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