What is RSS?


RSS is a family of web formats used to publish frequently updated works such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video in a standardized format. An RSS document includes full or summarized text, plus metadata such as publishing dates and authorship.

Using Google Reader

Different Feed Icons

Sometimes it’s just the letters RSS, XML or Feed. Firefox solves the where to find the feed problem buy always putting an RSS link in the address-bar.

The page you get is a page that is like a webpage that is written in HTML only these pages are using XML.

RSS is not just for text.


How to get audio podcast.

Getting audio podcast could be the same as plain text news feeds. Just use “Google Reader”. You may also use a “podcast client” like the Zune Software for Windows, gPodder for Windows and Linux. iTunes for Macintosh and Windows.

Here a list is others.

How to get video podcast.

You can try to get video feeds  in “Google Reader” but you should probably use a podcast client.

Using Firefox as a reader.

Using IE as a Reader

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