Online Tax Preparation


You can Prepare your tax returns with online services. They are all very similar. They use an interview process just like a tax properer would do if you visited them at their office. Here’s a little secret. It is exactly the same procedure. They read you the questions that would be on the computer if you were doing it at home. Then they charge you a large fee. You can do the same thing online.

H&R Block – There’s maybe no Tax preparation firm better known the Block and now they’ve put their service online. They claim to have a free product but there is no such product because there’s a charge eFiling and everyone wants eFiling. Start with the basic free product and the interview will tell you if you need a more complex product.

TurboTax the premier tax preparation product from Intuit is fast and easy. There is no free product and it’s maybe more expensive than H&R Block. It is hard to say because they both add fees for everything. Again, let the interview suggest an upgrade. TurboTax could be the most expensive

TaxAct is an online tax preparer that is much cheaper than the others. It starts with a free product that is really free.  It even come with eFiling. The Ultimate Bundle is TaxAct’s most expensive product is only $17.95.

I’ve only used TuboTax but I’ve never heard about any problem with any of the three.

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