New Edge Beta

I’m still testing the Microsoft Edge Chromium Beta when using Windows (I mostly use Linux). I find Chredge to be very reliable and fast. Maybe faster the than Chrome no Windows. Supposedly the official version will be out January 15th but meanwhile you can use the beta.

Windows Moving To Chromium

It is the word on the street that Microsoft will drop the Edge web browser on “Windows” instead opting for a browser based on Chromium, the open-source version of Chrome. This may never come to pass but it would be an excellent change. Maybe this could be my default browser.

Turn your old computer into a fast Chrome OS device in minutes!

Neverware’s CloudReady canĀ turn an olderĀ computer into an extremely useful device by installing the Chromium OS. It basically turns that doorstop into a Chromebook or Chromebox. To get started you need any desktop or laptop computer with 2 gigs of RAM although some may not work fully. Check the CloudReady Certified Hardware list. If your hardware…